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My name is Kristin Dahl and I live in Nebraska. In October 2018, my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first child. I cannot describe the joy we felt as we started to prepare for the life-changing experience of parenthood.

However, there was no way we could have predicted how hard it would be for us to get there.

At just 19 weeks, I went into preterm labor. I was rushed to a hospital, where it was discovered that I was four centimeters dilated and my amniotic membranes were bulging. I underwent an emergency procedure, where a surgeon placed a cerclage around my cervix. I was also given medication to stop my contractions.

In the weeks that followed, my husband and I were sent on an emotional roller coster that we will never forget.

This blog will recount my experience, as we continued to hold out hope for a healthy baby.


Published by kdahlmedia

I'm Kristin Dahl. I'm a marketing and communications professional who lives in Columbus, Nebraska. I'm a small town kid with tons of ambition and excellent work ethic. My passions are writing and video production.

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